Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Once upon a time, there was a little and pretty witch called Sarah. She had a magic wand and she liked changing the weather.
When she looked through the window and she didn't like the weather, she said, waving her magic wand:
_One, two, three, change the weather for me!!!
And suddenly she said: 
Oh!!! Fantastic!!! It's hot and sunny. I like sunny days!!!
All boys and girls put on their swim suit and went to the beach. But one hour later Sarah that was boring at home, waved her magic wand again.

_One, two, three, change the weather for me!!!
_Great _she shouted_ It's raining!!! I Like rainy days!!!
And all people ran away from the beach, and went home. 

Only the flowers were happy singing under the rain. But two hours later, Sarah waved her magic wand and said:
_One, two three change the weather for me!!!
_ Oh!!! It's snowing. I like snowy days!!! It's a magic white day!!!
And the flowers, that were singing under the rain, hid crying under the green grass. Poor flowers, they are so sad now!!!

Sarah went out and played with the snow. She did a big snowman and put him a hat and a scarf.

But when she was playing with the snowman, she waved her magic wand and said:
_One, two three, change the weather for me!!!
Oh no!!! My wand, my magic wand!!! Where is it???
It was a windy day and the magic wand was flying like a kite and in a few minutes disappeared!!!

She went into her house and cried and cried because she couldn't play with the snowman!!!
Three days later, Billy, her dog, found her magic wand between the leaves of a big tree. 
_Woof, woof, woof!!! He ran, jumped and moved his tail!!! 
Sarah went to the garden. She saw the magic wand next to Billy!!! She was very happy and said:
_One, two...
_Woof, woof, woof _barked angry the dog.

_OK, you're right. I won't change the weather again!!!
And Sarah saved the magic wand in a magic box and used it only in some special days.

Joana Navarro